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      Bruce replied that he was just in the frame of mind for something of the kind. He was far too restless to settle down to anything.

      After touring quite a long while through this labyrinth, we got at last back to the main road from Namur to Dinant, near Anhec. Here immediately we saw proofs of war, drawn from widespread destruction. The railway bridge across the Meuse near Houx, so picturesquely situated at the foot of a high rock, had been blown up.

      He counted out forty 5 Bank of England notes on the table with a hand that trembled strangely. He seemed restless and eager to be away now, as if fearful that Bruce might change his mind. The whole thing might have been a dream save for the crisp crackling notes on the table.

      It is to the second theory that Plotinus evidently leans. However closely his life may have been conformed to the Pythagorean modela point with respect to which we have306 nothing better than the very prejudiced statements of Porphyry to rely onthere is no trace of Pythagorean asceticism in his writings. Hereafter we shall see how hostile he was to Gnostic pessimism. In the preceding essay, he had already specified admiration for physical beauty as a first and necessary step in the souls ascent to a contemplation of spiritual realities;451 and now it is under the guidance of Platos later speculations that he proceeds to account for her descent from that higher world to the restraints of matter and of sense.

      Men and women in the prime of life sat on their chairs, gazing vacantly at nothing, lacking in the most literal sense of the word the strength to stand or to walk. When at about six o'clock in the evening the click-clack of rifle-fire was heardfor a Belgian patrol seemed to have come near the town,my hostess and her daughter pressed a couple of papers against their breast, full of fear, ready to fly, but unable to walk.



      A long slip of paper was thrust into her hand. Her quick brain grasped the significance. Maitrand had struck, and struck hard. These men were in possession for nearly 100,000--vulgar bailiffs such as come and sell the goods of poor people who cannot pay their rent. Leona Lalage remembered now the conditions under which she had borrowed money from Maitrank. He had her in his power. It seemed a vile thing to do when she had put him off with the very jewels from about her neck. And she was powerless--she could not have these men turned into the street. Most of her guests would understand sooner or later. Tomorrow this would be public property. Once the tongue of rumour started the crash was bound to follow.


      Charlton rose; the woman's coolness and nerve were inflammable to him.


      "Most courteous of Shylocks, it is all spent. I am going to be frank with you, which is very virtuous on my part, seeing that you have found me out. That San Salvator property is worth exactly nothing. Also it is mortgaged in four places. But for a bit of pure bad luck I should have got more out of you for it."I dont miss much! Sandy said meaningly.